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Living God's Promises Now: August through October 2018

Beginning on Wednesday, August 1, 2018, we will begin a new adult study based on the book Bringing Heaven to Earth by Josh Ross and Jonathan Storment, which has an emphasis on bringing God's promised kingdom to earth now, even before Jesus Christ returns in final victory.  We will learn new ways to live out the faith and sharing the good news to our communities, making our world look more like heaven with each day.  This study will be challenging for both new Christians and long-time Christians alike, and will have the power to transform our lives.

This study will take place on Wednesday evenings after the fellowship meal at 6:45PM starting August 1, 2018.  Pastor Eric will be teaching, and the class will take place in the Lee Munsey classroom (it's on the main floor; just ask and we will show you!).  Each session will be one hour.

This resource will be provided at no cost to participants, as it has already been funded!  While participants obviously do not need to read the chapters in advance in order to participate, doing so will help enrich their experience as they will have a broader base from which to contribute to group discussions and other activities.

This study will be valuable for those who are or wish to be more devoted followers of Jesus Christ, especially to those who feel "stuck" or "too comfortable" in their current faith situation.  The style of this class will be partially lecture, and partially group discussion and presentation.  The class will be held in English, as these materials are not available in Spanish at this time.

If you have questions pertaining to this study, please feel free to contact Pastor Eric directly at  

Bringing Heaven to Earth: You Don't Have to Wait for Eternity to Live the Good News