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The "Word" in the Book of John: Through December 2018

Beginning in November, we will have a new adult study based on the Gospel of John, in which we will study the word "word" in all of its various usages.  What does it mean that "In the beginning was the Word" as it tells us in John 1:1?  What is the difference between the "Word" and the Scripture?  If this wordplay (pun intended!) has ever confused you, let's talk about it together as we explore this critical segment of our faith tradition.

This study will take place on Wednesday evenings after the fellowship meal at 6:45PM.  Pastor Eric will be teaching, and the class will take place in the Lee Munsey classroom (it's on the main floor; just ask and we will show you!).  Each session will be one hour.

If you have questions pertaining to this study, please feel free to contact Pastor Eric directly at  

The "Word" in the Book of John